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Car Seat Angel "Child in Car" Visual Alert Indicator/Reminder

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Car Seat Angel TM Visual Alert Indicator/Child in Car Seat Reminder

Car Seat Angel TM is a highly visible, urgent reminder that your child is in the car traveling with you.
A “child’s in the car seat”, “child’s not in the car seat” baby alert monitor.

12”x 2" Unfolded
 6”x 2" Folded
 Easy Velcro Closure

Simply fold in half, place around location of your choice and press velcro tab to close.

Material Content ~ Embroidery threads 100% rayon. Twill 100% polyester.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS ~ Hand wash in lukewarm water. MILD detergent. NO bleach. Air dry.

Our Car Seat Angels
   glow in the dark   for added nighttime visibility!



 Why Car Seat Angel TM? 

Because we are head and shoulders above other products! 

Car Seat Angel TM is not something familiar and easily overlooked such as a bracelet,
key ring attachment, stuffed toy, etc. And it doesn't rely on batteries that may suddenly die.
It's economy price friendly so everyone can take advantage of our visual indicator for their
little passenger. It's not breakable and it's easy to use with no complicated installation instructions.
Above all, it's something you will NOT become accustomed to seeing because its location
can change with EACH use. Today it's the steering wheel, tomorrow the door handle,
the next day your seatbelt, and after that your purse strap, your belt, etc ~ the choices are many
which is a feature no others have. And Car Seat Angel TM glows in the dark for increased
nighttime visibility. We didn't skimp when it came to our design because we are parents, too,
and we would NOT skimp on ANYTHING when it comes to our children's well-being and safety!

It's natural and understandable to think it could never happen to us.
That we will never forget our much loved child is with us.
But in today's hectic world with so much on our minds, even the best of us must admit
there is a chance it could happen no matter how much we believe (and hope) otherwise.
Car Seat Angel TM  wants to put the odds in your child's favor.



1. When your child is not traveling with you, your CAR SEAT ANGEL TM 
is kept on their car seat, or car seat belt, ready for your next trip together!
Be sure it is kept face side up to absorb the sun's rays for night time glow in the dark effect!

2. When your precious passenger is placed in their car seat, simply  remove your
    CAR SEAT ANGEL TM  reminder and place it on your seat belt, inside door handle,
    steering wheel, purse strap, pant/slack belt, or any location where it it will
    be easily seen when leaving the car. Upon exiting, remove the visual alert and
    place it back on your child's seat or seat belt when taking your little
    passenger from the auto. Now it's in position for your next car ride together!


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